Not you, Its me

There’s no anger
Or resentment
For you;
Its just me.
There’s no words
Left to be shared
With you;
Its just me.
The silence mocks
And taunts
Our blank eyes;
Its just me.
The bonds twist
And turn
To break free;
Its still me.
The struggle within
Breaks my hope
And will to hold;
I am long lost.
The time has gone
To think it over
To look ahead;
I let you go.

Think before,not after you speak

The damage was done,
No matter how I thought,
The words had left my side,
And correctly hit the wrong spot.

It wasn’t a lie that i had told,
But who knows the truth well,
Did i act on personal bias,
Who would be able to ever tell ?

Maybe no one would remember it
Or reject it as random theory,
But i would never be vocal again
Untill i believe the facts,not a story.

I was asked my opinion about a colleague today and i said what i had jeard or felt about him. I personally think he did not acted immaturely many times and had wrong impression on other team members too but still I feel i should hve restricted my thoughts a bit. I can not undo this but sure it was a valuable experience.  I suddenly recall a quote thay goes something like this ~

Before you speak , check what you going to say is true , necessary and kind.

What i said today wasnt exactly kind.

Don’t Hide [ #OctPoWriMo day 2]


Dark are the curves and corners of soul,
Oh words, please show up tonight;

New metaphors are debating my worth
Other devices of poetry are shying away,
Tonight my heart seek some blank space;

Hear my unsaid songs , come sit with me a while
Invite your friends along , lets make a nice little post,
Dreams and past , are both on table for you,
Evening has arrived, please grace my home now.


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This is and Acrostic written for Day 2 OctPoWriMo


I cry

I cry not when I miss you ,
but more when I lose myself
in your web of thoughts;

I cry not ’cause I want you ,
but more in realization
of your closeness;

I cry not from fear of losing you ;
but grateful to be in your arms
when I most want.

I cry not ..I just shed tears in your name
When all words fail
To come out straight.


This is written for Open Link night @ dVerse


As soon as I read the prompt light(s) , I was flooded with lot of options to write about. And then I thought of ways to light up our life and other’s as well. so here I wrote an acrostic for light –






Here’s another beautiful light in my life ( gifted to me on my birthday this october ) :



And one for the lovely bunch of people , who light my life –

To family for being the light,
that shines in my heart –
and the lovely fireflies
that makes me smile each time.
To the friends that adorn my skies
whether day or darkest hour of night,
and shine in such unseen corners
where nothing seems to fit right.
To the love that keeps me writing
of people , words and images,
of comments so kind and fun
I owe it to you all for keep me loving.


For Two shoes , Month of year challenge – Oct