Haiku poem

blinded by your hate
i kept loving your shadows
till pain took my life

winds of faith in you
pushed me into darkness
where dreams bled to death

senses came alive
on threshold of extinct hope
and life surged in me


Prompted @ Haiku Heights , OSI , Writer’s Island

Submitted to Poetry Potluck


Fiction reading

With books I fill my space
the words in there making castles
filled with my characters i love;
record breaking lines teasing me
writer’s hands guiding from above!



Written for May Challenge by Ava [Day 17] , May2011 Int’l 5 lines poetry Month , Poetry Potluck , Magpie Tales

Words I love

words to read
words to write
words to sing
be it day or night.

Give me a book;
sing me a song.

words of smile
words that cry
words that are
always not so nice.

tell me of your good
share with me your pain.

words of comfort
words of rage
words by fools
or maybe a sage

I know you not i think
but your words know me.

words to love
words to breathe
words remain
as I forever sleep.

You will miss me not
but maybe what I said.


Prompted @ Poetry potluck[favorite things] , Big Tent Poetry[Write a poem in which you have to repeat yourself.]

Do not litter


I throw some,you some,
We all make a lot of it,
What we always forget is,
for all the collective waste
When nature reciprocates
Its a lot of loss and pain.
If I have to live guilt-free
I better not make more waste.
rather look for options to save.

Prompted @ NaPoWriMo #9 [Reverse poetry ], OSI [ Reciprocates ] , Poetry Potluck.


I still remember well
when I saw him last;
the paper brown dress
and the matching cap.
bundles of folded paper
some colored some bland
delivering all to right place
yet never seen empty hand.
“where is my letter sir”
I never failed to ask
“no one wrote to you dear”
he said and he had a laugh.
So when I was able to spell
I promptly set myself to task
and wrote a one-liner to me
to give to him next time he passed.
He never came that day or next
i forgot of him and the mail
and now I we no longer see them
since people learned of emails.

Written for PAD challenge day 4 , Sunday Scribbling , Poetry Potluck