Childhood Memory

From where i sit, i see two swings,
alternating movement, dangling free feet..

shading the view,the dark trees,
extending in all sides,like frame of movie..

my mind no longer,on words i hear,
but instead mapping,images to memory.

a summer afternoon,hot and humid,
of childhood friends,smiles and screams..

and soon my heart,is no longer with me,
for tonight it has found,the best moments to re live…


Written for One shot Wednesday

Our song

Words of this song,
magic of the notes,
memory of lost love,
lingers on..

I remember the look
from joy of my hopes,
hurt from my secrets,
such flash images grow..

Your sorrows,i know
gifted from the evening
of passion shared,and
words of no meaning…

If you could please
punish me for everything,
and have things your way,
just once, say something…


Written for One Shot Wednesday

This is an attempt at translation this poem i wrote in my mother tongue hindi . Those who can understand it, will agree, this english version does not really has the charm. But i did try !