When nimue met Arpita ;)

An awkward hug and introductions done,
setting the context and randomness,
venue reached and feel the energy flow
check random stalls,some more explored;
books attract, so does book-full talks,
while among illustrations, and stories we walked.
Books bought (as expected or maybe not)
the shine in eyes bright even at the thought,
Oh did I mention the mean call made,
to make some one jealous of my day;
sizzling hot Momos and chilled fruit beer,
not more interesting than our banter though;
Books were borrowed,the objective of meeting met
but more special was the mutual feeling
of reaching out to similar minded gems.

I wish I had few pics toa dd here, anyways , This post is a memory of meeting Arpita today afternoon. I had always enjoyed her reviews at the book blog I am a part of. but meeting was so much more fun ! Looking forward to see you again soon.

And oh, thanks for the treat šŸ˜‰

Enjoy the books šŸ˜€ !

A “fine” moment ?

“I am fine”

i convinced all but me;

’cause deep within i knew

leaving was last thing i ever wished –

the friends ,the inspiration , the love,

the tease ,the warm hugs and celebrations ;

where else would some one await

to hear me scold and yell at them,

or poke me when i fell silent,

where else would i find parcel of joys

being delivered all day and night ?

“I will be fine”

i told the few concerned eyes

and turned away,

so tears i could hide

that i knew would never run dry

even if new smiles would adorn the eyes,

my first home will be special always

and the call to return will never let

the soul heal,from the cuts of time ..

Written for Month of the year challenge # 2 (November)

It was november’09 when I had to leave a dear set of people and not move on but move back in life. Even though I am still in touch with few of those people, IĀ  miss the collective fun we had for about a year ! God bless those gems wherever they are.

(inspired from this poem i read)

photo source

Party Last night


I fear the audio volume is very less even with headphones .. so here’s the poem :

Munching on cup noodles,
I reflect on the hours gone by..
the cold tea residues
evoke a warm smile,
as much as the memory
of the talks,
that flowed around it.
the pizza box would probably
have one last slice left;
and I am reminded of the
cheese dripping grins
that were followed
by the dreamy walk
through choclate and
the orange tinted roads..
As I pack my bags,
with borrowed books and movies,
a sense of satisfaction
shines in my smile
and i look at you –
the host and the friend
sharing another laugh
over another silly text..
And I wish I could tell
how much the time spent
was loved and will forever
be cherished as well …


This is a dedication to my best friend who finally hosted a movies night at his place ! It was a great time !!

Musical Memory#3 : Joy

joys of making bonds
with one who had none before
his smile said it all


Prompted @ Sensational Haiku Wednesday

This haiku was also inspired by the memory of my school days. The conductor of the school bus for my route did not have a family. On rakshabandhan he was all the more upset to see rakhis on almost all guys’ wrist. To cheer him up, i offered to tie him a rakhi which he readily accepted.Ā  He heard the same set of songs daily with the first song being this –

I heard this so much that i could sing the whole song any time !!

God bless him wherever he is !