Without goodbye

If someone left without saying goodbye –
Would you be sad, would you cry?

Would you hope for them to call
or know in your heart
they are never going too far;
would you wish for reunion some day
or treat the silence
like a pause in the game;
would you question their return
or rather spend time
gathering the gossip till they come;
would you worry about being forgotten
or accept the absence,
the dejection and the confusion;

If someone left without saying goodbye –
Would you be sad, would you cry?
Or simply whisper to yourself,
this story ended too soon,
there must be some chapter
you got to re write.

The first two lines of this poem are from another poem from the book I am currently reading : When our worlds collide. It is a beautiful story of a young girl trying to understand love and friendship. I like the author for the fact that she is a good poet and so there are poems always an integral part of the story.

I am linking this to dVerse prompt for the week.

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#flashfiction : Untitled

It was the second night he got stuck in traffic at the intersection. Actually it was a little ahead of the intersection but the buildings around were same as yesterday. There was a dark soot covered , two story house on his right side which would have remained un-noticed if the lady was not standing in the balcony. Wearing a sparkling silver night dress , she was engrossed in knowing the reason of the traffic jam. Perhaps all the honking was disturbing her in whatever she was doing at the moment. This made him smile, the various assumptions about the lady’s activities.

And just then , the traffic surged ahead and he too was forced to move. He was blocking the traffic and was the sole reason for all the honking on the road.

Journey : New music and inspiration

Thanks to Carpe Diem , I listened to some really soulful music. The musician Karunesh ‘s short bio was another surprise to me.   Here is a list to a playlist of his songs – Music : Karunesh

And now , a haiku for this new music

A journey begins,
Closed eyes, open hearts,
into light I walk








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An evening in forest

The sallow floor-bed
sighed under my bare feet
as I followed the shadows
hiding the grey skies –
so within my reach,
yet not.
He reaches the clearing
where I stood with eyes closed,
hugging myself. He holds me
yet I feel the distant calls
of love , longing and the world fades.


This poem is inspired from a photo post by Eclipse.

Words lost

Within the bounds of thoughts,
we wish at times we could write,
as powerful as we think,
the threads of dreams,
in and out of my mind,
something tangible yet lost.
When sleep won over,
i risked the words last night,
losing them within myself,
finally forgetting,
unable to even trace,
as musch as i try.

Someday it will return from the wild origins,
someday those words will flow again,