Life with goals

She definitely did not have easy goals for life. Reading 50 books per year , cooking 50 new dishes , visiting 10 new places in the same year,so on.

Every accomplishment was beginning of a new strangeness. Until her life seemed hollow to her – the dark pit she dug and drowned alone.


Written for Inspiration Monday , Trifecta , G-Man’s fridayflash55

The prince , the fairy and stars

In far away lands ,In middle of a blue-green lake, sat an island which liked a footprint in the lake. In this island lived a prince with his few friends. And when I say friends , I do not mean other people, but the stars that he could see from roof of his palace. The moon was the appointed guardian of his friends whose well-being the prince asked daily before settling to gaze at the stars. Each night a fairy visited the prince and together they sat talking of the stars , the star-dust from which people were made , the star light that gave life to the fairy , the moon and his different faces , of the dark nights when moon went visiting his friends in other side of the sky , the new friends that the prince saw some nights. And so passed many seasons in this little known island.

One day , the prince could not come on the roof. He was unable to even leave his bed. The cold wind made him tremble so his servants closed the windows too. No star was seen to the prince. The fairy was forbidden from entering the palace by her queen so she waited on the roof like always. Days passed and the prince could not go out. The stars started falling hoping the prince would notice. The fairy whispered songs to the winds but the closed windows failed all the attempts. Finding them so sad , a magician decided to help. He converted the roof into a glass one so that prince could look at the stars from his bed and the fairy could look at him dreaming.

the prince was very happy. His smile made the fairy realize how much she loved him. she shed her wings that morning and never returned to her land. Entering the palace with hopes and dreams, she kissed the prince and passed her last wishes to him. The prince was cured immediately and till date , they both sit at the roof and share the day’s tales with the stars , their first and best friends.

This story is specially written for a dearest friend and the perfect dreamer I know !

Fairy tale

It was a difficult task. Lot of planning was needed. but she was prepared for the journey.

It all began when he held out his hand to her, and without a word, she started walking with him. she never had questions, he never answered. Silence did its job when eyes ever met, and it happened more than often. He was the star of her life – not the brightest but the constant one. She was the cloudless moonlit night in his universe and nothing could be as beautiful as her any day.

It was a difficult task. Lot of planning was needed. but she was prepared for the journey.

But he never asked her. He set out to search moon on other planets and forgot the map she had once drawn on his palm for him. He said he was better alone, forgetting the time she filled his lonely nights with dreams.

It was a difficult task. Lot of planning was needed. but she was prepared for the journey. If only he had held out his hands once more ….

She now writes farewell fairy tales to share when he returns…

I saw them

Source : Trainstation by No Life Before Coffee (via Flickr stream)

I see her standing at the platform, half hidden by the corner pillar; her left foot tapping to the song playing on her Ipod, looking nowhere in particular but everywhere. For a moment, our eyes meet and we smile. she turns her look away almost immediately as if hiding from me as I keep staring at her elegant and almost attractive features. Noticing all possible visual details about her, I try hard to remember her but in vain. Every name that pops in ym head is negated by the playful smile she has on her face as if enjoying the trouble she has given me. She once more looks at me from corner of her eye and looks at the incoming train for an excuse to look elsewhere.

He comes out of the train and as if she was already aware , she picks her stuff and hurries to meet him. Taking him in her arms she beams like a child who has got an extra candy during lunch time. she whispers in his ear and he looks at me with one of the most heart breaking smile. And that’s when I know who she is. I used to be her some years back ; She used to be me that time. My future baffled at my present ; My present hiding from the future ME.

I see them walk past me with a knowing smile. I miss those days. I miss him. I miss myself. Andhere I stand , awaiting for another chance perhaps.

Prompted @ Sunday Picture Press , Inspiration Monday , 3WW

No wedding without him

That wasn’t supposed to happen. The wedding could not happen without him. And yet, there was no news of his whereabouts. 12 Hours before she sat in front of the sacred fire, she was excited and nervous like all brides but not for the life that awaited her. She was anxious to see him, to see his smile as she appeared in her wedding attire and his “i knew it” eye roll. She smiled at the thought while keeping an eye on her phone.

It suddenly lit up. A message from him

“You sure about this ?”

“Do not be late” , she texted back
“You deserve better than me, I repeat.”
“I know, you have said it enough times”
“I left you so many times”
“and yet you returned each time”
“This time was the longest”
“3 years.Thanks for returning. See you tomorrow.”
“It will be a pleasure to see you married finally”
“Yeah, and to free you from me”
“Wow. I can date any number of girls after tomorrow”
“Sure, Just send me the best stories”
“You still the same.Shameless and fun”
“Like always.Bye now. I need my beauty sleep”
“Love you princess. Hope your prince treats you better than me”

She did not want to reply to that.She did not know what to say.

For the IndieInk Writing Challenge this week, Diane challenged me with “You deserve much better than me.” and I challenged Michael with “A bottle and a glass together changed the night for her; something even his smile could not”

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The lonely Angel


Cara was a beautiful angel – lovely , kind and helpful. but she was lazy too. She would often be found dreaming about her prince charming or gazing into the open skies for clouds when she actually must be working.

One day, the Queen of angels – “The mother” as every one called her, was touring her garden.When she came across her favorite corner, she found it littered with dry leaves. Of course she could turn them into green ones or better into flowers if she wished, but she never did that in order to teach all her angels to clean the area as it must be. It was Cara’s duty that day to clean the dry leaves but she was lost in the book of magic tales written by her favorite human author.she did not even notice The Mother standing in front of her with anger building fast in her head. And in the same rage, queen turned Cara into a stone statue and sent it to Earth. the yellow leaves and her broom followed her trail and settled around her as well.

And later when she felt, she was too harsh, she willed the curse to be broken by any guy who would cleanthe mess around this lonely statue. And so Cara awaits for the day she would spread her wings and be back in her city. Help her if you ever come across her please.



Image : Title Unknown by Steve McCurry (