September reading Wrap

As most of you would know , I have been a part of a book blog – A lot of pages ( link is in side bar too) from over 5 years now. Although ,currently I am handling 80 percent of the posts there, I never felt it right to mix the two blogs. But ,starting this month I will be doing a monthly post of the books and some blogs / articles I liked in the past month. So diving into the september list of books ( review posts are linked to book title ) –

Exit West by Mohsin Hamid – I picked this book as it was the shortest of the novels shortlisted for Man Booker Prize this year. 10/10 to this one. There us no one or no reason to not recommend this book to.

Twice Blessed by Rani Ramkrishnan – A very good theme for the plot and handled decently. 7/10 for the lack of character development.

The tree with a thousand Apples by Sanchit Gupta – my first booking Kashmiri Pandits and the current issues. A bit chaotic but a bit poetic too. 7.5/10

Unlikely tales by Mani Padma – A short story collection that is has all moods and genres covered. What I loved is the day to day relatable scenes and some beautiful plots. It lacked wow factor a bit. 7.5/10

Awake by Ashok Banker – one of my fav author , but this book doesn’t give me the high like his previous ones. Waiting for the sequel to pick the plot and the tempo. 7/10

Masala Chai by Divya Prakash Dubey – My first hindi book read in 2017. This has special charm for the nostalgia and the sweetness I related in some dialogues and diction in hindi. The stories are good for time pass. 7/10

Empire by Devi Yesodharan – Luckily my month started with this amazing historical fiction set in South India. 8.5/ 10 for this book with a kickass female lead.

And since I have not thought of this post last month , I do not have any other post to link here. Hopefully next month I will share some of my favorite posts from blogosphere.

Till then, keep writing and reading.

And hit me with book recco , blog post suggestions , your views on any of these books and more.

wo ( #hindi poem)

wo diwaani thi ..
baaton ki , sard raaton ki ,
jazbaaton ki , yaadon ki ..

wo pagli si thi,
thodi jhalli bhi ,
pyaar me , kavita ke izhaar me…

wo jaado thi ..
mutthi me kaid ek dhadkan bhi,
chalakta hua aansoo , barasta hua saawan bhi ..

wo pyaas thi
mere dil ki , aas thi jannat ki,
dhundlaa sa aakah bhi ..

wo ek taara thi ,
banayi to thi mere sahejne ko , sametne ko,
main bas shabdon me hi usko rakh paaya ..


I think of you. always.

The below poem in hindi was written prompted by a thought about the love of my life :

metro ke khali dabbe me,jab awaazein saaf sunai padti hain,
kabhi kabhi koi baat,kaano me pad jaati hai,
koi sawaal aisa sun leti hoon, jo dil ko choo jaata hai,
kal ek thaki hui awaaz ne bola,waqt kahan milta hai kisi ko yaad karo ?
aur main muskura uthi, main to har waqt usko yaad karti hoon,
ya yun kaho, har khoobsurat ehsaas me wo khud hi yaad aa jaata hai.

[ And below is the translation ( sort of) ]

Travelling in the metro,
when you can overhear,
some random bit of talk,
or questions that find
a way straight to heart –
“where does one have time
to miss some one”
a tired voice asks,
and I can not help but smile,
’cause I miss him all the time –
his words ,smile or name
is just there always,
with every beautiful desire,
every feeling of him I share.

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Sapna ( hindi poem ) + English Translation

rozmarra sa din,
aaj kuch alag lagne laga
wo chai ka pehla pyaala
kuch jyaada chalakne laga
subah ki kirne dekhe arsa ho gaya
fir bhi suraj aaj dastak dene laga
aankhein kholi to tum dikhe
sapna achanak se sach lagne laga.


(Inspired from another poem’s title)





another usual day,

suddenly appeared so bright;

the first taste of morning tea

tripped a bit more on mind;

sunrise is not my time

yet the sun welcomed with smiles;

you I found next to me in bed

no wonder the dream appeared so right.

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On lonely nights

The following lines is an attempt to translate the lines I wrote in my mother tongue – hindi. As I tried to sleep one night and thought of my love , I wrote this for him :

In the lonely nights
when silence echoes in me,
i feel you next to me
holding my hands as i sleep;
I smile at the thought
and before I can look again,
you kiss my cheeks and fade away.



Raat ke andhere sannaton me
kabhi aisa bhi lagta hai
ki tum haath thaame so rahe ho bagal me;
ek muskaan si phail jaati hai aisa soch kar,
is se pehle ki aankh lage,
tum gaal choom kar laut jaate ho ..




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Intezaar ka rang , Izhaar ka rang

(This is a hindi post)

pyaar ka ek aur rang aaj chatak kar mere upar bikhar gaya . Kisi ke izhaar ne mere izhaar aur ikraar ke khwaabon ko hawa de di . Jitni baar ye dil kisi par aaya┬á , iske tootne ke dar se zubaan khaamosh rahi . kabhi khud se darti thi , kabhi duniya ki baaton se. Fir us se mulakaat hui jisne har dar se ladna seekha diya , siwa ek ke. aaj bhi khaamosh nazron se aankhein churaata┬á hai dil. Ek awaaz wo de , duniya ko bataye ki maine apna saathi dhoond liya .. aise hi din ke intezaar me dil aahein bharta hai .. tab tak doosron ke rango se khel karta hai …

Mere intezaar ka rang gehraata hai , izhaar ke rang ki fariyaad karun ??