Story of a hug


It was just a hug,
and she could not deny,
maybe it was her doubt,
was there hope in his eyes ?

It was a warm hug,
a beginning for more he hoped
she could not refuse him once
so he looked forward to more.



A short poem for today ‘s OctPoWriMo prompt to rhyme !


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last email

Nothing specific
But maybe it could become,
If only he had replied
To the last email she sent.

Actually there were many
One for each day,
Most were answered well
But one would remain.

It was a pattern of sort
A habit she got used to
The emails had no goodbye
Neither a reason to renew.

Even then they wrote,
To each other religiously
And waiting who would end
This pretense of untiring duties

You see the love had gone
And the words grew cold
But more difficult were the hearts
That refused to let go.