Rediscover yourself

If waking the morning

You can not answer the question

Who are you today ?

I suggest you go back

To your beginning and figure

Where you happen to lose

Your sense if being important

In your own head and heart.

A wife ,a daughter, a manager,

A colleague ,a friend –

If these do not define you whole

Or help you close the loop

Of filling life with more roles,

I suggest you give it a thought

To the dreams you let go.

Shut out the noise in your head,

The run for money and fame

Can not begin without passion

And the nights of hard work

To create that one thing

That will be the mark of you,

Your life and your values too.

Let your ideas come alive

And speak for themselves,

Let nothing bring you down

In your chase of finding yourself,

It’s time to step into unknown

In order to find words

That are struggling to form a song.

Of new roles and tasks

Life has suddenly changed this week.
Since Monday 11 AM to be exact.

I suddenly realized i have a lot to learn and make it a habit of doing when it comes to being a daughter-in-law , a wife , a home maker in the future. Till now , I did not completely understand how much thought and care this transition would involve. I used to think to myself, one can not predict the situations until you step into that new life but I guess it is necessary to make a note of the areas you need to work upon. In India , Marriage they say , is a union of not two people but two families. And I willingly agree to the statement now. In my husband’s home , every action of mine is not just a representation of me but my family’s culture and values. I never wished to stay in a nuclear set up after wedding. I used to dream of having the guy’s family to live with me and be a part of that family. Simply said , I love to have people around – to celebrate every small happiness , to care for each other , to support in times of distress and to spread smiles to each other. But like all fingers are not same in a hand , every one has their good and bad. Before you expect them to accept you the way you are , is it not wise to make it easier for them to accept you in their folds and seamlessly become a part of their daily life.

Keeping these thoughts in mind , I am trying to cook more and cook better . The first goal is not to call mom or refer to recipe for a usual meal. I am cleaning my room alternate days , folding clothes and keeping them stacked well in the almirah , making sure I keep my things at a proper place. In short , I feel I am trying to act like my mother 😉 And it is not easy. I call up mom and ask how does she remember to do all this , how does she keep the whole house so organized while I get tired after managing my single room.

Exhausted or not , I am sure feeling more proud. More confident and sure about myself being able to handle any new role and responsibilities well.

Life has changed , but for better days.




This is for Imperfect Prose and for Emily whose posts make me pause and think about the blessings in my life.

cobwebs of Love

being naked –
was never as hard,
as to bare my heart
making my future
meet my past.

cobwebs –
abandoned spider homes
swept aside from the walls,
a momentary respite for me
and memories of love long lost.

Love lost –
to spiders of times gone
clinging to new hopes,
he preferred my skin to sins.


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