Sleep #55wordfiction

“Do you need anything”, she asked him absent mindedly.

He hesitantly asked if she would get him a glass of water and turn off the lights.

She sighed as she kept the book away. The hero’s last wish had to wait till morning to be read. Right now her life’s hero wanted to sleep !


Things are going to be different now on. I feel am “in-transit” , neither here nor there. Maybe, I don’t want to go anywhere. I don’t know where I want to be. Am Happy yet scared, Hopeful yet doubtful. I am in “lost & found” section of life – Lost in his thoughts , found in his heart.


This is a special tale for G-Man.

IMG-20130718-WA0006I have been writing 55 fiction from over 3 years but many 55 fiction posts i wrote are not fictional. I have often found my own voice , my own thoughts in these tales. and today I write this as a lady engaged to love of my life.

Wish me luck !


Be loved

“I wish I was with you right now , every waking minute” , he said and as an afterthought added , “I never thought I would say that to anyone”
“Well, that’s why you are marrying me not anyone else”, she replied laughing heartily at such cute confession.

And they both felt loved.Unlike themselves, yet same.


Dedicated to Ibeingme ❤

Specially shared with G-Man’s 55 fiction


The night felt weird.The whole town had lost its sleep. Too much food , booze , sex , reading or gossip exhausted every one but no one could sleep. It was neither fun nor funny anymore to be called insomniac. Sleep Gods had their lesson taught in a single night. everyone slept well for ages after that.