In this squarish room

Of just four walls,

I pick my spaces

One corner to eat,

Other to sleep,

One for the closet

And next to it

Perhaps your working seat.

In this squarish room

I make partitions

Invisible to the eyes

But you and I know,

How to make this room

Feel like a cosy home.

In this blank space

Between the four walls,

You and I have plans

To fill it with all our love,

And then this single room

Might be the heaven;

We can wish it to become ?


When I was checking this week’s Poetic Tuesday , I was eating my lunch and I looked up to my studio apartment and I felt I could already feel some sections different from others. I have been having a little difficulty accepting that I could only find a studio space for myself and not the house like I had thought. And it still bugs me a little if this is the space that’s meant for me. So I am trying to make it home in this place. Hope the invisible walls make it appear better.


A dream for you

The above hindi lines translate as below –

Some obscure dreams

Remained just the same,

Waiting for your return ..


I know so many dreams of you,
tangled sheets,entwined limbs,
a lick here , a kiss there,
a story in roses and thorns,
told in whispers of the morn.

I have build so many worlds
none within my reach or sight
your hands stroke my cheeks
a flash of color shocks my spine
this dream must return each night ..


Of Happy thoughts

This change of country has not been easy for me but something that I had completely not prepared myself was having some challenging people around. Anyway, this post is about the little things I feel good about right now , coz I need that reminder –

1. This is my 21st post on the blog in the very first month. ( I have promised to write 300 posts in 2019 )

2. I will be finally moving out of the hotel this weekend and into a studio apartment so that means I will be eating hot self cooked meals again.

I finally get to fill a house the way I want and make it a home for me and my husband. This was sort of a subconscious dream of mine from years ago when we were dating. ( More of that conversation some other time )

3. This uncomfortable phase of worries and panic attacks and nights of tossing in the bed has been instrumental in finding my strength again . It taught me that if you keep sight of your long term goals, the daily issues can be handled one by one.

This was much needed lesson that had to be revised well in order to be implemented.

And work ? I know I am capable and I know to keep my head down and put in my 150 percent effort. I should be okay. Right ?

Stay blessed you all.