For love of reading

It is going to be hot.
I am not even sure if and where we will all sit together.
I can only get you lot of cold water and more of my love for talking about books.
I guarantee that if you love books, or even if you are entering this world of printed words , you will like meeting us.
Who are we ? We are some book lovers who want to know and meet more of our kind. And to exchange book recommendations and even books if we like you.

We host the Silent Reading Meet every month in delhi from last 10 months and this post is to announce the next meet on sunday 26th April, 11 am @ crafts museum ( pragati maidan )

Please spread the word and help us join more book lovers.

Feel free and loving

Sometimes all you need is to have cozy conversations and hugs. More hugs than talks perhaps. You need to feel the bonds grow in each other’s hearts and to feel the blessings that God sends in terms of people. Often we forget to give a chance to the heart to feel free to sbut the mind for time being. Sometimes crazy company is all that you need to loosen up yourself.

So have more conversations, hug a lot f lovely friends and just   yourself go free in their caring company.

Something I did last night. And loved every moment of it.

Love is just a word

So many words,

And verses later

I know not

What to write

And what

I should hide,

I only know

Love is not

Ideal –

Never was or will be.

But love is

just a word

we give to

selfish feelings.

Why else would

I want

To be with you,

Bind you,

Be bound.

It is not love

Or my liking

But the truth

That you and me

Were carved out


Out of a single

tree – we were one

we have to be,

we always would be.

Gift Experiences

Yesterday I stumbled upon the “Experience Gift ideas” on some site. Checking the various options , I landed on the site whose vouchers I had seen as part of promotion. I kind of liked the idea and concept. I mean , who will not like to go to a restaurant and just enjoy a good meal knowing it has been paid for ( even if I pay for it myself or as a gift for husband ) or getting an email that someone has booked a spa session for you followed by a meal for the two of you. One of my favorite was the wine tasting session in Bangalore and another was the local road trip in some cities.

Though I was not convinced with the pricing , but I suppose for a special occasion I would not mind booking one of the experience for a dear one. I goggled a bit more and there were a few other sites which were cheaper and yet the options were not interesting enough. Sadly the only thing they had for a bookworm was crossword coupon. What I would have liked was to be taken to some bookshops around the city or to get a signed copy of my favorite book or just something to make you feel special as a reader. As I said , the ideas can be expanded to any level provided some one is willing to pay the price.

In all , it did give me some ideas for a few friends and occasions ! Hopefully someday I will blog about one such experience too J

Sweet surprises

Sometimes Life surprises you with certain events and encounters that have a reason but no logic still. A few days back , someone followed me on one of my social profile and liked a lot of posts , all book related ones ( 21 pics to be accurate ) . It was creepy ( do not ask why ) at first but when I checked her profile , she turned out to be another booklover. When I asked her how she landed on my profile , she said that she was trying for a user name for her mother who has same name as me and the surname too ( Her mother in Pande and I use Yogesh’s surname Pandey ) due to which she found my page.

Well , life you sure work in weird ways.

And such sweet instances do keep me loving you a little bit more !

Bless me more such smiles and people around !


Sleepless nights have become a norm this week. Like a well gaurded secret , the night grows inside me till its ready to rip my thougts apart into million little dreams , some of which are already standing at the edge of nightmarish abyss.

It is not the thoughts that keep me awake but the fact that i have no thouht other than you. Call it my obsession or love for you , it matters not to me. You are the light I follow and search every moment am alone. Being even physically away from you any night makes me feel a part of me has been taken away from me. How does one sleep with one eye open or with one lung refusing to breathe ?

What has coffee to do with this you ask, knowing am more of a chai lover. Well, truth is chai reminds me of you , the way you like to have a different one each night and how much I love the weekly bed tea you get for me. So the craving for coffee to push your thoughts away from my head while I struggle with completing some work.

Sleepless nights have become a norm this week as much as keeping the night bulb on in the room. Trying to trash the shadows lurking around me, I await the dawn to hear your morning wishes.

What have you done to me , I wonder in vain. I know its not you or me but just that fact that its just you and me , me and you , you for me and me for you forever and ever.

Come home soon.
I miss my sleep now.

And they kissed

“Somedays I wish i had kissed a guy before I first met you” she sighed.

“I never stopped you from doing that even today. Go ahead. Have some fun” he said looking at the stars spread in a mysterious pattern above him.

She kept silent, staring at the same stars and suddenly rising up she shouted, “Hurry up then, I need to go kiss someone before its late.” He knew better than to argue, so followed her as she ran down the valley towards their car.Once settled in her seat, she waited impatiently for him to do the same.

And then they kissed.
She grinned. He smiled.

“Hopeless nutcase. Can you not let me watch the stars in peace ever ?” He asked mocking anger

“This is for the guy you were before I met you. You sure have no objection right” she laughed as they drove back home.

The stars could wait, but not the ones they felt inside as the kisses grew bolder.

The Saree wishlist

So I took the decision to wear more sarees this year and same time two amazing ladies had the idea to begin the #100sareePact on social media where they are going to wear 100 sarees this year. Of course I had to take part. And 7nsarees later , am already known for the saree pics and tales plus got a cool new nickname SWAN. Which stands for Saree Wali Awesome Nari ( the awesome lady in saree )

As I get to see about 10 saree pics each day on my timeline, read the stories and  general stuff that ladies discuss about sarees , I realized am still a toddler in the world of this regal indian attire. I have so much to know and learn everyday and of course to try out that the woman in me has to be chained heavily in case she goes on a shopping spree ! As my MIL says that i take no time to shop sitting in front of a laptop .. click click click !!!!!

So , here is my Wishlist to begin with, wether in terms of buying or trying –

Learn and wear Gujrati pallu style
Learn Bengali drape style
Own a kanjivaram saree
Own a Black saree with golden zari / brocade border
Wear my wedding saree again
Stay one whole day in saree ( apart from office ) and not skip any chore
Host one reading meet in a saree !
Know all possible fabrics in a saree
Know the differemt regional names for saree styles
Gift same saree to mother , myself, SIL and MIL and get a pic together
Make one saree myself – doing sequins or embroidery work
Own a designer saree

Of course this will take me few years but i do want to have an amazing collection as well as comfort carrying off any Saree for all purposes and occassions.

So join in with your stories , pics or maybe encourage yourself to try this 6 yard beauty more often !


Image source :

The breakfast is served

Naashta or breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And contrary to those who believe in having a light one, it actually has to be a good hearty meal. A full stomach early in the morning will be well digested and utilized by tje end of day providing you energy and satisfaction too. After all who can fuction well ifnyour brain keeps thinking of food all the time ?

Being a breakfast skipper all during the college days , i got back into the habit of having breakfast when I joined work and made friends who could not function without breakfast. Gradually thi one habit helped me a lot in weight management and to avoid high calorie snacking during the day.

Thankfully the office cafeteria also had cold milk with fruits and kellogs as an option and so started my journey with kellogs.

Over the period of time I moved into a house of my own with a kitchen and then married into a foodie family but what i still miss most about my first job , I think breakfast options would be second to the friends who accompanied me for naashta daily.

Who doesn’t like to be served fresh and  healthy breakfast every day ? If i ever have the liberty and luxury of having a cook, i will keep him/her only for breakfast. I love to cook rest of the meals but not unless am well fed. You can expect a dinner invite from me if you agree to serve me breakfast ( preferable in bed ;) ) fed up of making parathaas or maggi daily, some of the kellogs ready made and easy to make and have options like corn flakes , crunchy nut museli , microwave cooked masala oats became a norm in my kitchen. Even at the in-laws, no one was complaining ’cause we were getting our fair share of grainy nutrition right in the morning. Then gradually I became curious about what more can be done with these ingredients that is as tasy and as healthy.

Chef Vikas says that every food ingredient has some replacement in terms if health or taste depending on what you prefer. And so my search led me to where there is so much to try and surprise my family with.

Be it papaji who loves anything healthy , or the younger brother who likes his meals few but very full, or my conventional mummyji or the husband who is a little moody with food choices but loves to experiment , kellogs has a product and multiple recipes for everyone here –

So it brings back to breakfast served to the family not cooked by me or MIL. If given a chance , I will request kellogs waale guptaji and family to let us join them over a breakfast of cabbage corn salad for papa , cornflakes chana chaat for brother and mummy who like anything spicy, cornflakes fruity yoghurt cup for husband and lastly cheesy cornflakes for myself ( the name itself gives me so much giggles ). Being a good guest , we are not supposed to go empty handed so I will take cornflakes coconut laddoo for them. Afterall , whats a welcome or thank you without sweets ?

You think all this is too much to handle at one time ? Oh no way ! With just a little preparation in the early morning, every member can have a wonderful healthy breakfast and also have a wonderful day ahead , thanks to kellogs and the so innovative recipes avaialble on one click.

Grains , milk , raw veggies or fruits and some nuts ! Can anyone beat this healthy and pocket friendly option for naashta !!

So aap kya khaayenge ?
(What will you like ?)


Expensive things do not make one happy, they make you proud. It is the simplest and smallest ones that matter a lot more

My mother always taught this to me and she could prove it by most amusing of examples too. Like once when I was too hungry, she asked if I would want to have some toy i wanted or want to have daal-roti. Of course I wanted the toy too but at that moment I was damn hungry. I wanted nothing other than a good meal. So perhaps happiness is more about what you need that moment ? For this she said that the toy can get old and break after a while, or perhaps I will no longer like it but there are some things and certain gestures that are universal. Such things appeal to you always and sometimes to everyone. THAT IS HAPPINESS. A feeling that will last as a memory and that do not need to reproduced with materials alone as it is seen here –

Of course such lessons were as hard to accept and follow as much to hear at that time. But as you grow ( if you grow in the right direction i mean ) you see the sense in such words. Last year when I took lart in the #100happydays challenge, I was amazed myself how I could finish that. Being a little pessimistic person, being happy was a task unless you start believing that you have all the right to be happy and it is not dependent on someone as micj as you think. Then you have the most amusing and sometimes ridiculous list of things that make you happy. Here is mine (in no particular order ) –

Bed tea – Am willing to get up and serve the chai but not to stand and stare at it while it boils. No sir, i will rather sleep 5 more min. I love those 5 min sleep phases too.

Dinner – I do not care if the food is warm or not, as long as i get something to eat within 15 min of reaching home, I am a happy lady. If nothing, i will make chai and maggi each day

New Books – Am a bookworm.

New Earrings – its an obsession to buy and have anything that catches my fancy. Blame it on the late introductions to fashion !

Wearing Saree – it makes my husband praise me a little more ;)

Praises – from my mother and husband who otherwise believes she is on a mission to keep scolding us to change and be better.

Good company – for anything and everything. Sometimes you are the best company for yourself

Old songs that make you nostalgic of some more happy moments

Cooking ’cause food is love and feeding others is a devotion.

Also it is happiness to write such posts about being happy so that you can feel blessed for all the above reasons. Everyone needs such reminders to be thankful and more happy.

Cherish your reasons and the happiness.