Month of the year Writing Prompt 2014 – Season 4

December is the mark of year end. 11 months gone. Sorrows, joys, smiles, tears, pain, success – you lived it all. Before these 11 months, you lived a lot many similar months.

Tell us about the special months. The challenge is to write about each month – all 12 of them in 12 different posts – either of this year, or of the past, or the future month you are awaiting for some reason .

Come and share different aspects of each month – any form , any theme !! let it be the music that inspired you , or the new dish you learned .. Write !

The challenge lasts through out the month of December ( extending to Jan )– Dec 1,2014 6:00 AM IST to Jan 21,2015 9:00 PM IST.

Also , this year I will be giving a gift voucher of Rps 500/- to one blogger who finishes all the months’ posts and is most creative or entertaining !

Hope to see you writing and sharing your memories and dreams with me.

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Please leave your post links (in any order) in the comment section. I will be updating the page accordingly.

You can also mail me at nimuegal(at)gmail(dot)com


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