Month of the year Writing Prompt 2012 – Season 3

December is the mark of year end. 11 months gone. Sorrows, joys, smiles, tears, pain, success – you lived it all. Before these 11 months, you lived a lot many similar months.

Tell us about the special months. The challenge is to write about each month – all 12 of them in 12 different posts – either of this year, or of the past, or the future month you are awaiting for some reason – any thing, any form. The challenge lasts through out the month of December – Dec 1,2012 6:00 AM IST to Dec 31,2012 9:00 PM IST.

Hope to see you writing and sharing your memories and dreams with me.

Please leave your post links (in any order) in the comment section. I will be updating the page accordingly.

You can also mail me at nimuegal(at)gmail(dot)com


Jan – the past, the future : Prasad

tiny Decorations : Renee

January Beginnings : ladywhispers

January : Lioness

winter Night : Tweety

Month Jan : Ankit sharma

Jan 2012 – Best month of my life : Himz

New Life : Nabeel

Into a new year : Nimue


Sour n Sweet memories : Prasad

Tender February : ladywhispers

Lovely Feb : Ankit Sharma

Month of Love : Himz

Love Corner : Nabeel


Death and all its friends : Tweety

home coming March : Ankit sharma

March sigh : Ladywhispers

Spring Bliss : Nabeel

Mixed feelings : Himz


birthday Mania : Ladywhispers

April showers : Nabeel

Deceptive April : Ankit sharma

April : Prasad


Silence of May : Nabeel

Heart vs Mind : Ankit sharma


June Rains : Nabeel

Ugly June : Ankit


Birthdays & Memories : Prasad

the Lights in July : Nabeel

Testing July : Lady Whispers


coldness in august : Nabeel


Journey : Nabeel

Aug + Sep – Freedom  : Lady whispers


Light : Nimue

October Dance : Nabeel


Realizations : Nimue

November : Shweta Jain

Oct + nov – winters : Lady Whisper

Nov sky : Nabeel


December : Prasad

Sealed box of Memories : Lioness

A dream comes true : Nimue

Death of humanity : Himz


May + June – Summers : Lady Whispers

Jan – Dec 2012 : Phoenix

2012 in review : Leo

70 thoughts on “Month of the year Writing Prompt 2012 – Season 3”

  1. Sorry, I guess I have it incorrect. It would be for January, even though my inspiration came from now it would be the same in January as it still will be raining. I will correct my site for the month.

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