My sun today ..

Barren trees freezing
Good words from one who matter;
One sun to warm all


This is for my best friend , the brother from another mother , who has brought light to my day today.

Shared with Colleen’s weekly tanka challenge and What do you see

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Light of poetry

The thing about poetry,

Or whatever I feel is poetry,

Is no frills, no spare words,

Only bones given

To be filled with imagination

Of whoever reads

The lines, or between;

The appeal of poetry for me

Is in getting my feels,

My thoughts , my words right,

the only thing that matters,

The only thing making me write

I know no other way

That makes my heart see light …


Inspired by the prompt @ Toads and Reena’s exploration challenge



Through the shade I see,
Patterns of light in colors,
The monochrome dreams
Slip through the words I let free,
The morning freshness captured


This is an entry inspired by Wednesday verses prompt (Fresh) which I read first thing in the morning . I am trying to get back to structured poetry styles , so I was happy to stumble across Colleen’s weekly Tuesday challenge and link this poem there.

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In my kitchen

The whole world out there,
and I wake up dreaming pancakes,
a kid in the playground,
some maple syrup evening,
a whole palate of colors
and a bite of fresh fruit;

The universe conspires
the images I can not grasp;
no tears , no laugh
just some bitterness cutting through
the fruits that are about to fall;

I feed my words to strangers
hoping they would find seeds;
I make peace with barren lands
being dug out of me
without a single sight of tree;

The kid of my desires walks somewhere
demanding pancakes from my kitchen;
the things we talk over breakfast
lie along whispered prayers
covered in melted butter instead.


Written for Poetics Tuesday and inspired by photo prompt @ What do you see ?

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My calling ..

There is a world forgotten,
In words I left a your door,
There is a face mistaken
In masks I dropped by chance;
There is a dream trapped
In the path we take daily,
There is a calling of my pack
In the nights I roam freely.

The only reason I was inspired to write this poem is because some one referred me as one of her poet friend. And I had to justify that I am still a poet. 🙈😉

Submitted to Open Link Night @ Dverse