No longer

It isn’t easy some days
this endless waiting game;
it doesn’t work this way
this routine,I daily fake.

It isn’t always right by me
to carry the torch of love
drowning in my own doubts
who would hold the flame above ?

No longer strong
No longer patient
No longer feeling lucky
No longer content

This may be a phase,
i know tomorrow wont be same;
but whatever it is,right now
I want an out from this game.


I know many times it is a choice to think good , feel better and act like all will be for the best. But today I want a break from this routine positivity. I need and want to let my walls down and let myself feel that today is not one of the good days. And there is no reason to even justify with a reason to feel whatever I am feeling right now. So while my unexplained mood swing passes , you have a wonderful memories from the weekend ! I will catch up with a better verse and news later !


Till death ..

She sets the bed
carefully –
clean sheets , fluff pillows
nothing too dark ,
none too flowery either;
alone she lies there
night after night,
smiling at his pictures
casually placed all around
yet none of his hands
to hold,
none of his lips to close
with her own;
no stories told
to the bare walls,
no smell of fresh coffee
ever travels the halls,
the bed is ready she whispers –
to dreams and death,
whichever comes first.


Yes, you can

Words tumble out uncontrolled
the tears won’t be so easily coaxed;
bare the soul
let the feelings flow,

write what you truly want,
will the universe
to make it work.
Break the patterns that bind,
work harder than you can
there is a new You to find;

clear the lazy , negative ways
if they worked, you won’t be here.
Reach to the brilliance you want
take the first step, Yes, you can.


Inspired by Wednesday verses and linked to Open Link Night.