Words have the power

It was never a thought to write; I was so lost in reading that it never occurred to create my own version of reality onto paper. And then a challenge happened; like a calling of my lifetime. Lines after lines, I recreated stories and dreams in my poetry. I ranted, complained, dreamed, hoped, laughed and even shed tears – all in words and so less in real. My lovers fell for those words, their words trapping me into lies and false hopes. I waited for a storyteller to come claim me for months, while another poet took my heart in a barter of soul for my poems.

I write to forget those scars, I write to forgive my naivety, I write to experience the power words have. I write in memory of the first kiss, the first time I surrendered myself to lust, the moment of hurt and betrayals that would otherwise have lodged too deep, If not for the words pouring on this blog and healing the spirit. I write because I know nothing else to do this well. I write because I am blessed by the pen.I have the power to create , I write so I can one day reach out to the numerous souls, feeling same – some days powerless , some days powered by shared hopes.

The yellow leaves

Cover the garden, once green

Words resurrect.

This is inspired by the power discussion on toads the haibun prompt at dVerse club.


Walking away ? #FridayFotofiction

two friends

It was becoming less frequent from an year but it still happened. One day he would be smiling at everyone and the next , he would be back to the hill. Sitting at the corner , he too knew he should not be this close to the mouth of the valley. Hell, he should not be here at all. But , this was a constant struggle in his head. Today, the call of the mountains won.

That’s when he saw a familiar figure walking towards him.

“What took you so long ? Another minute and I was walking away”

“The teashop owner told me you ordered two cups”

He did not know how, but his best friend was always there to take him out if his mood swings. He smiled as he was led back to sanity.


This is my 100(ish) word story for

My previous short fiction posts are here.

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#Thankfulthursdays One message away

There are lot of stories and ways that technology has made our life simpler. But for the silent and so under confident girl like me, blogging was the first mean to connect to people who understood me and my poetry. And without internet and the various social Media pages possible over the years , I would not have known such kind hearted and inspiring people from around the world. I probably would not have met my husband who I first talked to on Twitter and later became friends and lovers.

When an email arrives from the land of Dutch  , it just brightens my day. I think of the random messages I have got from this lady whom I have not met , yet who is so so aligned to my thoughts and feelings at times when I need them most. When my best friend from USA sends me pics of his newborn kid , it isn’t the same as kissing the little one but it’s a special feeling to feel included. I know it has more to do with people willing to be a part of your world , but hasn’t technology multiplied the possibilities ? A voice note to wake up to , a video call when you want only that one person to be around in the moment , a message to say “I am sorry” .. the pictures , the memories , the stories , you reading them here and I saving them for my old age.. our ancestors too had their ways to pass the knowledge. Of course we are a generation of over sharing maybe , but look at the ways technology connected people when tragedies strike a city or nation. Imagine the power and impact of these connections and shared knowledge.

Isn’t this a truly connected life ?

Isn’t this something to be truly thankful for ?


This post was inspired by the last week’s topic (I had no clue about the current topic and this was a genuine mistake to not check the week when I discovered the hashtag)



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Stories that lived

I will never look

At the stars the same,

Or not imagine a story

Taking birth in the

Endless civilizations

Some past,some yet to pass;

I will wait for feelings

Which have alien names

And strange creatures

With familiar feelings

To visit my bookshelf again.

And I will smile

At the paper animals

Prancing in a kids cupboard

And letters from mothers

And fathers choking my

Words, melting on my lips.

I will count on you

And your stories

And I will live

A little more happy.


This is a dedication to the book The Paper Menagerie and other stories by Ken Liu. It is a brilliant collection of his best work and the stories are a world that you want to never step out. The title story won the Science fiction’s top 3 awards – Hugo , Nebula and world fantasy one. Please read the story here and you will see why I loved the book and why this poem.

This poem is written from a prompt given at Toads.

Vision #FridayfotoFiction

She was born blind to parents who left her. Her hands though did more than that. She would feel a face and read it. People said she had visions of the future. When asked, she would say she only saw the past when she touched someone and there is nothing which truly shows what future hold for you. It did not happen in a flash though. She took days, sometimes weeks to respond to a person once she had the vision.

One day, her hands started shaking. The visions became black screen. Her eyes saw the world in all its glory and then she collapsed.

Friday foto fiction


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Making a blog easy to read

For the blogchatter campaign #MyFriendAlexa , I have been visiting 3-4 blogs daily and sharing the posts on my twitter timeline using hashtag – #PratsBlogHop. I rarely use a laptop these days to read or write and luckily the WordPress app has all the necessary features to blog from mobile only. but reading on mobile is a different game , as it depends on the blog you are reading more than your phone / browser. Here are some of the things that I want others to note for their blog –

Have a light theme – I was told this about 10 years back when I first started blogging. I have a deep love for black background and that is closely followed by wine shades. It was only recently , when I was having trouble reading without glasses I realized that a white theme / light theme makes the page easier to read and you do not have to struggle with varied font colors and image contrasts. It is also easier for people over 50 to read the light pages.

Keep it short – There is a blog post and then there is a longread. If your topic is going beyond 500-700 words , plan to have a series of posts rather than having single post cutting the details short just to fit in the post. This also makes sure that the readers will return to the blog for next post.

Proofread is MUST – spelling and Grammar have to be spot on. One can ignore some typo in the post but there should be a sense of some neatness and clarity in your writing. Please use your spell check buttons before you hit Publish.

Format the Post – This is not only limited to the spelling and grammar but also how it is presented. Keeping headings in bold , using bullet points , using paragraphs for a longer post ; all these make a post more presentable and readable for anyone.

Do not clutter the site – I am aware that we have to / should put links and images to other tags or blogs that we own. some times we also have to promote certain brands and ongoing challenges in the side bar. but it should not overwhelm your post. Specially on a mobile view , the post has to be the first and main section of the blog.

Make the site responsive – Always open your own blog in different browsers and devices to check that your page is showing correctly. I find some blogs too heavy to open on mobile phone. Also , some formatting is lost on phone so make sure that your post looks good even on phone.

These are the things I take care of generally. Is there anything that you find attractive or turn off in a blog ?

I am taking my Alexa Rank to the next level with #MyFriendAlexa via Blogchatter