Know yourself , if you do not have anything worthy  left to spend your time on ..

I love to experiment in reading, watching and listening to all that suggested to Me by close friends and trusted sources; and then i maintain a record here of my reactions and impressions – what i hear myself say in my head and heart about all the living and non !

Hope you find something of your liking too !! And  if you don’t let me know about that too ..


24 thoughts on “I,me,myself”

  1. Lady N, you asked on Mad Kane’s limerick off where you were going wrong. I didn’t want to answer in full publick view, but could find no email address. You can delete this: I quote your limerick first:

    A guy who seemed guileless and sweet
    stood daily at the end of the street
    smiling at passing women
    but never a loot at men
    him,would you still like to meet ?

    PS : I will really like if you would tell me what i did wrong here 🙂
    The metre doesn’t work because you have tried to write the story grammatically when for a limerick, the rhythm is all important. If you read it aloud, you will see that there are extra syllables all over the place. I have tried to do a rhythmic paraphrase:

    A guy who seemed guileless and sweet
    every day at the end of the street,
    smiled at girls who passed by
    not a word of a lie
    but with men he was much more discreet.

    Love, ViV

  2. Lady N: Wow! I have always been a fan of poetry. The reason being, I get confused and worry about rhyming. Spoken like a true amateur.
    Visit by mom
    All too much and too good.
    I hope I see more.
    nide xin peng you—Jaye lol

  3. My friend, I wish to subscribe and get updates for this fabulous site, but being a “brain scientist,” I think I deleted the wrong e mail. (I know–I am amazing.) I will try again. Please tell me if I did not do it correctly.

    Jaye—brain scientist.

  4. Would appear as if I’m a bit late as others beat me to it, but I also nominated you for the versatile blogger award!

  5. interesting blog…love your style…keep it up…i’m still trying to get the hang of setting things up on my own blog…and i must say…wow great site. looking forward to more of your posts. 😀

  6. I tried to comment on your most recent post but it stated comments were closed. I’ve not run into this before.You have a wonderful mother, my friend. It was not like that when I grew up. My mother loved me but it was a different time and place and I had to find my own way in the world. Do take care.

    1. Hey Renee , some one was posting idiotic comments on my blog. So i had to put all comments for moderation. Not to worry, i always get your words just fine. Thank you for reading and writing. I have not been to your blog since ages. Much guilty and lot busy. Hopefully soon.

      1. It is ok. I was hoping you got my messages as I have not been to your site as well due to illness since January. I now have a new heart valve since a heart attach in April and am doing better. Take care.

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