A promise , a hope …


2018 saw the least activity n this blog and probably in my years of association with poetry and reading. And as much as this sounds a little sad , i had an absolutely amazing year in terms of personal growth and in finding ways to be happy with myself and in appreciating the love I have been blessed with. Well , more on that in later posts.

This post is just to wish you all amazing people reading my blog ( even with such minimal writing ) best for the year to come.

This post is to commit myself to write about 300 posts in 2019 ( here or on my book review blog )

This post is to promise myself to venture out of my comfort zone and adopt new better attitude to adventures and to make lot of posts about them 😀

Have a blessed last day and celebrations with your loved ones !

Author: Pratibha

Poet , Story teller , dreamer and an avid reader. Self published authoer of "Fragments" http://www.amazon.com/Fragments-ebook/dp/B00ASNQUC6/

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