#thankfulThursdays – Home

I am not the kind of person who keeps putting off building home just because I do not own the house. As if now , I have not even started thinking of buying a house. All I know is ,home is where I am with my family.

Today morning , I tweeted –

A house should not reflect your achievements , but your blessings.

And even though I did not realize the real reason or depth of that thought, talking to another person about this made it so relevant to me. A house built with love and filled with love has an energy like none other.

Sometimes we fill the house with all luxury or costly furnishings and yet it always feels inadequate. I made this mistake with the previous place we stayed. That house never felt home, no matter what we did. Then , it started nagging me that probably the constant fights and the tension in the house of the owners , affected the whole building. We moved houses within six months and *touchwood* the current place is so much brighter , love filled and definitely feels like home.

My favorite spot – my reading / yoga corner

This house has hosted more friends and parties than the houses I lived in last 2 years. And with every get together ,the house gathers more love and blessings.Next I plan to cover my bedroom walls with lot of memories and pictures and other token of love from all over the country. But even without that ,I am so happy with my space and life in this house home.