#fridayFotoFiction Promises

The wedding.

The rituals.

The celebrations.

The smiles.

The colors, sounds and smell.

The details were gradually fading from her memories with passing years. She no longer had the strength to go through the wedding album even to fill the gaps in her narration. Not that it was needed. When people asked her about marriage, she talked about the promises made in the weeks before wedding, the times of doubt and uncertainty. The times she wanted to run away with him and he stayed to face both the parents. The wedding mantras had no power before the one promise they made – to love forever and live together. It wasnt dramatic ,just a practical approach. That’s what had made them last so long,and that’s what she passed to anyone who asked. Keep your promises and your head when you finally lose the heart.

This is my 100(ish) word story for

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7 thoughts on “#fridayFotoFiction Promises

  1. Wow, it reminded me of my love marriage. Both of us had made a resolution that we would marry only if both of our parents agree. Thankfully they agreed happily and their blessings have kept us going strong year after year

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