When universe conspires #ThankfulThursday

I am a firm believer in the fact that some things and events have their own time and way to happen. You try to do things your way , multiple times and even after all the effort , the result are not there . I am not saying that the effort is wasted but just that it is rewarded late. Some times , the reward does not make you as happy as you thought.

My life revolves around my husband Yogesh , books , writing and trying to lose weight. At any point , two of these factors would be giving me some stress or reason to be dissatisfied in life. But in the last three weeks , since I started to let go of the thought that I can control it all but rather have started to ask God ( universe / cosmos ) for making this happen. A dear friend asked me to apply the law of attraction ( from the book , The Secret ) in life, which I must say is not easy at all. I though have started approaching things with a positive frame of mind and hoping favorable results out of the day. It is hard to change my pessimistic wiring so suddenly and my years of forced scepticism to fade ,but in small ways I see the change around me. I started reading and reviewing books again. Being a blogger / poet was my identity online and I am working to re claim it. With the Blogchatter campaign , I am more regular at blogging and have found two wonderful prompts and some cool people to read and follow. I have also decided to compile another poetry e book and self publish it in december- january time.

Overall , the last 3 weeks been very positive , productive and so much full of love and awesomeness. I wish I could thank every person who has made it happen but then I would be unfair to all those who have wished and guided me to this point in life.

So thank you Universe for bringing these kind souls into my life. And for giving me one more chance to be happy and love myself.


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  1. Changing innately who you are to reflect who you would like to be is something that for people like you and myself is a life long process, always something to work at as you have to keep reminding yourself of all the good there is. I commend you as you are, indeed, a gifted writer and have much to offer.

  2. Good that you are positive, and taking it as it comes. I’m trying to do that too, and I can relate to life revolving around writing, reading and losing weight. For a few months, not even one of the three was going on track, no matter how much I tried. Then I relaxed, and it seems to be getting back to normal. Hope lots of joy lies ahead for you, Pratsie. 🙂
    PS: If that self-published book is a paperback, I want author-signed copy. 😀

  3. Thanks for this post. I got rejected last week for a couple of campaigns after my blog being first approved due to the content on it. I was feeling dejected. This comes at the right time. I need to just focus and keep trying my best. I am sure the universe has much better plans for me.

  4. I have not yet read the book ‘Secret’ (probably, cuz I know it’s a bit heavy reading), but now I am thinking I should. There are times when nothing happens as we want it to. But, then a time comes when things start falling into place. I too felt dejected, wasn’t focused, and super lazy in previous months, but of lately things have changed and I am filled with enthusiasm and positivity.

    And congrats! It’s a great achievement to publish your book, ebook or in print. SUperb. Great going! Cheers! 🙂

  5. Sometimes, all we need is inspiration. We have everything required to do the task already in us but it needs a spark.and then, nothing can stop us.

  6. Lovely post Pratibha. So true that we attract what we think. Our thoughts totally manifest themselves one way or another and it is so important to be positive. Thanks for reminding me through your words.

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