Rediscover yourself

If waking the morning

You can not answer the question

Who are you today ?

I suggest you go back

To your beginning and figure

Where you happen to lose

Your sense if being important

In your own head and heart.

A wife ,a daughter, a manager,

A colleague ,a friend –

If these do not define you whole

Or help you close the loop

Of filling life with more roles,

I suggest you give it a thought

To the dreams you let go.

Shut out the noise in your head,

The run for money and fame

Can not begin without passion

And the nights of hard work

To create that one thing

That will be the mark of you,

Your life and your values too.

Let your ideas come alive

And speak for themselves,

Let nothing bring you down

In your chase of finding yourself,

It’s time to step into unknown

In order to find words

That are struggling to form a song.

Author: Prats

It's not the dramas or the stories, but actually the people touched by them who taught me how to appreciate these stories, the different medium of expressions, and how to believe that even fictional characters can give hope and smile to so many people around the world. A reader first and obsessive reviewer of things I love, I write when I am deeply touched by a story or a moment. You can find most of my ideas and thoughts first expressed on Twitter - @i_read_write

3 thoughts on “Rediscover yourself”

  1. Ah ha yes.. we should do that.. give a thought to the dreams we let go . May be we can go back to them.. Who knows..

    I so long to wake up one day and try it all over again…

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