52 weeks of Gratitude Posts : Week#1 – Why start this challenge ?

If there is what I have learned from 2014 , it is to always be thankful for your life – both the good and not so good of it ( It can always be worse  and you can make it so better ) So , this challenge is going to make me express the same feeling here on my blog. Other reasons can be :

1. I want to blog more

2. It helps me if I have a topic to write on

3. The thank you posts will be duly shared with the person ( if applicable ) as a handwritten note of my heartfelt gratitude.

4. I wish more people be inspired to be thankful for their blessings and crib a little less.

5. I want myself to NOT FORGET being happy and thankful each passing day.

Ok , that will do I suppose. Also ,I hear the microwave calling me. Something healthy is cooking 😉

Author: Prats

It's not the dramas or the stories, but actually the people touched by them who taught me how to appreciate these stories, the different medium of expressions, and how to believe that even fictional characters can give hope and smile to so many people around the world. A reader first and obsessive reviewer of things I love, I write when I am deeply touched by a story or a moment. You can find most of my ideas and thoughts first expressed on Twitter - @i_read_write

10 thoughts on “52 weeks of Gratitude Posts : Week#1 – Why start this challenge ?”

  1. what what whattttttttttttt is cooking.. I want some of that tooooooooooooooooo …

    and you are right we need to be thankful for sure 🙂
    you know what I am Thankful you put this post because it has made me realise that I need to participate in this too 🙂

    Happy new yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

      1. I am getting OLD and BLIND cant read .. can you email me PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

        by the way HELLLO .. please RE-READ the comment again and especially read the FIRST line of the comment TWICE 🙂

        1. woll email for sure. and do you want a pic of the baked mathi ?? that’s what was in the oven ! 😀

          or.. i can write another post to make a few people jealous 😉

    1. I guess the source I got this from was from pinterest but am happy to be the medium ! will hop over to your blog and follow you for these posts. thanks !

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