Play #OctPoWriMo

From long time , I wanted to try a Cinquain . so here it is –


be fair
sweat , worry , enjoy
rushing adrenaline, satisfying ego ,

Author: Prats

It's not the dramas or the stories, but actually the people touched by them who taught me how to appreciate these stories, the different medium of expressions, and how to believe that even fictional characters can give hope and smile to so many people around the world. A reader first and obsessive reviewer of things I love, I write when I am deeply touched by a story or a moment. You can find most of my ideas and thoughts first expressed on Twitter - @i_read_write

7 thoughts on “Play #OctPoWriMo”

  1. I like the juxtaposition of “play” and “love”. Too many play at love. This cinquain shines a bright light on the issue and reminds them to “play fair”. Nicely done!

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