My “Fall” [ #OctPowriMo day 1 ]


Fall is knocking
on the door again,
the chill of rains,
and the harsh rays
are ready to surrender,
before the mellowed
moods of nature,
So did I.
Moving from the
bitter rejections
and tearful farewells,
I succumb to your smile,
break in your arms,
and gather in your life.
you are my “fall”,
you are my rise.
OctPoWriMo 2013


Author: Pratibha (Prats)

Poet , Story teller , dreamer and an avid reader. Self published authoer of "Fragments"

39 thoughts on “My “Fall” [ #OctPowriMo day 1 ]”

  1. Beautifull and Crisp!! Keep them coming 🙂

    And here is a dark one to start with. As darkness needs to quench light and so it shall be! Here is to “rising after the fall.”

    He consulted the skies
    In brazen woods
    With measured strokes
    He axed his feelings
    As the tree fell
    She smiled
    With tender dreams
    Of building a place
    Called Home.

  2. beautiful and stirring the heart, really.
    Here’s something that struck me right after reading your amazing words:

    Leaves go pale from green
    A few new
    A few old
    all hanging from one tree
    singing in one tone
    some weak some strong
    It grows while it fades
    simultaneously, it awaits
    for another season
    another transition
    Its rise and fall
    go hand in hand
    It sings together the song of
    life and death.

  3. First day, first poem. Lovely shift of emotions from endings to beginnings. That line, “You are my fall, you are my rise” echoes beautifully. And the photo perfectly complements the poem.

  4. Its like you have personified the season to impart your emotions through this amazing Post. I am only happy to participate in this because of You for you inspire me the most.

  5. This is beautiful and so evocative! I can’t wait to see more of your writing. I think I’ll find a lot of inspiration reading your work.

  6. “I succumb to your smile,
    break in your arms,
    and gather in your life.”

    This section took my breath away. I enjoyed the poem very much but these lines really did catch me. Lovely. Absolutely lovely.

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