Making halwa

It is "ashtami" today – the eighth day of the auspicious navratri ( nine nights of godess worship ). This day at my home is celebrated with making puri , black chana and halwa for kanya poojan. Mom always cooks a lot of food and distributes to the less fortunate kids around house.

Its been years that I attended this ceremony at home so hearing about it today from mom, made me miss it a lot more than usual. Hence I decided to make halwa for my team mates and to be offered after little prayers of my own to the goddess durga. It was the first time I made halwa and apart from almonds and mom’s comments , I guess i made it well.

Recipe :
( for 4 people)

1/2 bowl suji (semolina)
1/2 bowl sugar
1/2 bowl refined oil
water – 4 bowls
Dry fruits

Soak the dry fruits in water before you begin making halwa.
Heat the oil in an open vessel and add suji to it.
Mix them well and keep moving the mixture till suji starts to turn brown. Keep the heat low if your mixture starts to burn.
Once the suji is mixed and cooked well with oil, add the sugar and mix it well on low flame.
Add a little bit of water to allow the mixture in vessel to absorb it.
Add the soaked dry fruits.
Add remaining water and keep moving the mixture with a table spoon till it begins to thicken.
Once the mixture starts losing oil on the sides, and it had a consistent stickiness, switch off the gas.

Halwa is ready !
Best served hot 😀

Also check this wiki link for a general description of halva :

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