The wait

She got rid of the letters and the gifts the day she met a prospective groom for the first time. Later one night, she found the only photograph of his, hidden in her favorite book. His smile looked different , heart broken almost. She realized he wanted her to wait. And she did. All her life.


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Poet , Story teller , dreamer and an avid reader. Self published authoer of "Fragments"

10 thoughts on “The wait”

  1. No man is worth that much anguish!
    Loved your 55 Lady Nimue.
    You always have such great story idea’s
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass WQeek-End

  2. What a wait! Emotional story. Concise yet speaking volumes! I love this piece, just hoping that people make the right choices, especially with respect to bride and groom issues.

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