I wish to cry in your arms

I wish to cry in your arms,

and you to not ask me why,

For no real reason to quote,

I want you to let me cry…

Soon some day, or maybe later

I will lose this freedom with you,

Before that, I once wish you know

I never cried ‘cause you would cry too…

To see your smiles on my cheek

I laughed at your pranks and talks

To gather every second in your arms

I never thought of separate paths..

But away you must go now,

And find for yourself a different fate

Before I break down and let out tears

that gather each time I miss you here.

12 thoughts on “I wish to cry in your arms

  1. when roads separate it causes such a tear, your compassion that compels through this is lovely my sister, beautiful pen! all my love ~ Rose

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