The hunt ends

Her skin rippled
corseted within his gaze;
her soul extracts from its folds,
a velvet bed punctured with trust
She angled her face
to the luminary satteliite in sky
making her jewels glint in the dark
irretrievably admired by demons and gods allke;
the hunt ends tonight,
everyone pauses to stare
centuries had waited for the power play
his brutal call of lust mingles
with her sullen ochone of being made dirt.

Written for 3WW , Monday Melting (Week#1)

8 thoughts on “The hunt ends

  1. Shawna says:

    I love this line and visual; a gaze can be binding and breathtaking: “corseted within his gaze”

    I’m so glad you joined in on the prompt! I hope you’ll participate again next week.🙂

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