My April Buddy

"do you sleep well?"
"of course. when will you stop asking me this."
"when you actually sleep and not take regular naps"
"Whats the difference?"
"you tell me"
"Let it be"
"you better sleep lady"

Once upon a time, this conversation was a regular thing. Then life took over, and we never again had any conversation. And after years some one said a similar thing to me and I thought of you again. I wish I could tell you I never slept well – then or now. But having you to talk to each morning was what kept nightmares away. You gave me new reasons to make my day useful and new eaning to my dreams. today all I write is a way to understand myself. The way you understood me without any reason. I Wish I could have stopped you from giving up on yourself and this world. Wish I had been there to take your pain and fill your eyes with hopes of a sane tomorrow. I wish all this and more… and the wishes shine on my lips, like sacred prayers to the almighty. To bless you wherever you are.

Some times people get hurt by what seem to be not-so-big-deal to others. some hearts get so broken that they cease to exist. This is for the one friend who walked away from every one after being hurt and broken once. He lost all for once and now he is lost to all. This post is dedicated to him – My "April buddy" ( april for spring season, the month I met him first) as I referred to him always in my secret journal !

Author: Pratibha

Poet , Story teller , dreamer and an avid reader. Self published authoer of "Fragments"

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  1. Sigh I had one such January buddy….Alas some bonds are bound to stay as beautiful memories forever and ever and we always pray for them to be blessed always for they gave us lot of reasons to smile somehow….

    Loved the heartfelt post this is πŸ™‚

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