A Fool’s story (#novpad day 28, OSI , Magpie Tale)

He saw lovers there,
sharing a shy smile,
getting up holding hands,
walking away with pride.

He saw an old couple there
staring at an old album’s page
tears adoring the cheeks
wrinkled with age and grace.

He saw a lonely child there
hiding candies below the seat
keeping a close watch on others
who ask him about the hidden treat.

you would not see all these
or even the red sofa that he saw
Fool you would call him,
and he would call you blind.

14 thoughts on “A Fool’s story (#novpad day 28, OSI , Magpie Tale)

  1. I seem to have the need to complete the story…you know…if I see an object…it must have a story…so I try to tell it.:-) Not sure why most people cannot see these things.

  2. Hmm…I’d like to meet this fool, for he is likely to be the only wise one left. Very nice piece. I like how you combine two prompts that probably have nothing in common and somehow you were able to tie them together. Nice flow, rhythm in this.

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