I travel to you (#novpad day 23 , 3WW )

Its a wonder how I travel
miles within seconds,
staring at that solo pic
of you, midst snow,
smiling at me i suppose
(did you know it then,
you would leave this for me)
to fill in the hollow surroundings
with shadows of my life
always in a shallow battle
to let go of you this last time
end my misery,but i do not,
i can not, i will not maybe…

17 thoughts on “I travel to you (#novpad day 23 , 3WW )

  1. The other day I was looking at old pics and my eyes fell on ‘HIS’ pics and I felt the same what you just expressed.

    Somehow you always express what I feel and that is why I love your writings sooo much…..

    Loved this piece….Made me nostalgic…Sigh

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