Life is good

Keeping it short and still meaning to thank Life for being so kind. I have troubles, but notthe ones to make me sad or maybe I do not consider them worthy enough to be depressed about. I finally have a circle of friends in this city that i term new, though I came an year back. Together they cause smiles , listen when I cry and hug me for no reason at times. Friends who hold my hand and I know all will be well since I have them by my  side. I know people with whom I can spend hours talking – and it doesn’t matter if we are connected via technology or in front of each other. I have a place to live that feels like home. That makes me feel protected and wanted in its folds. I am happy with what I write and more that I read. Glad to finally be among people where ideas flow and words dance their ways around us. Happy even with the events unfolding at home, though a bit nervous for the way they will turn. I am happy, and I am keeping my life happy too.. Well , Life is indeed good🙂

This is a warm smile and hug to all who know they are being thought of as I write this.


12 thoughts on “Life is good

  1. I read this in email on phone and I went😀😀 and the last line made me smile more😀😀 Just stay this happy and blessed forever❤

    I remember when you came to this city and we hardly met much for a yr and now I think the best thing that happened to me in this yr was having your presence so near that i can hug you whenever i want🙂

    You made me come out of that anti social depression…gave me awesome friends…and made me smile in ways I had almost forgotten how to…and now I know who to call/meet when i go emo🙂

    May God grant everyone friends like you🙂 and may be bless u forever🙂

    Love you gal🙂

  2. poeticphraze says:

    I feel very special & full of love right now. You are a wonderful friend. Thank you for gifted me your heart in bite-size pieces to consume.

  3. Nimue, you are a gem of a person. You lift people’s hearts; challenge them from time to time; and are a source of boundless, heartfelt inspiration for me.

    Much love and glad to hear things are cool! Peace, Amy

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