funeral song #novpad day 14

On my funeral I wish,
some one would read,
the lines I would scribble
for my soul to heed ..

some words of love and care
to the ones who would miss,
to te few lovers I had,
a phantom hug and a kiss..

some nightmares i would grant
to the ones who trouble my kin
and lastly I would move on
with a song on your lips..

Care to share my last words
even when last has passed,
I wish to hear it for myself,
and only then will I depart ..

12 thoughts on “funeral song #novpad day 14

  1. As I read this, I had to smile from time to time…since your poem brought to mind one by Mari E. Evans called ‘The Rebel’

    When I
    I’m sure
    I will have a
    Big Funeral…
    coming to see
    if I
    am really
    or just
    trying to make

  2. Be nice to hear the words before one goes to see and hear everything, would be interesting. After I’m gone, burn me, shove me in a pringle can and be done with me..hahaha…great verse.

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