The golden tree

He knew it was not just a dream. He tried hard but could not shake the feeling, he was being called to trace his destiny. And he heeded to the call of his heart. Weeks of walking through strange lands with uncomprehensiblee forces guiding his, he finally stood in front of the tree – tired and excited both. But when he actually saw it, he could not believe his own eyes – colors dripping from each branch, each leaf , golden flowers falling in spirals all around. he felt like a misfit there in his dirty brown coat and yellow umbrella. He fumbled a bit with the umbrella before closing it and stretching his hands into the waters that poured just over the tree. He knew his life would cease behind the curtain of color drops.with a glance at the surroundings, he finally stepped inside the tree’s shade. the faint golden glow of the flowers gave it a mystical look.

And then he noticed him, an old man scribbling away in deep thought on what looked liked tiny roll of translucent paper. without looking at the visitor, the old man ordered him to collect the inked rolls and load into dream wagon,whatever it meant.He followed the orders as if he had been doing that all his life,and waited for the next order.He belonged here – in this lost world of peace and words.He could hear the echoes of unknown voices around him – the banter , the disappointments , the smiling words , the sarcastic ones of skepticism. Hours passed like this , he rooted to same spot, hearing those voices and being a part of the emotions.

Finally the old man got up from his desk, and looked at him with interest. “You are still here! i see. You will stay,the place has made you its own”, Saying this, he came forward and handed the silver pen in his hands. He sat down at the same desk like the old man , looked at him once with a dazed look, gave a farewell salute and started filling the “fortune less” fortune cookies with his ideas. The old man faded. Life began anew at the tree of fate.

Prompted @ Indigo Spiders , Inspiration Monday , 3ww


21 thoughts on “The golden tree”

  1. I thought your imagery was vivid! This was a “fumble, banter, glance” 3WW, yes? I like what you’ve done with it.

  2. Aha – you have created a magical, beautiful space for your characters to inhabit. Intriguing and thoroughly enjoyed! Also, very good interpretation of the prompts.

  3. Loved this story! You created a dreamlike feel throughout and I love the combination of the photo with the word prompt, excellent. I truly enjoy this, thanks!

  4. A great story.
    I loved the ending where you so cleverly brought in the second prompt – I wasn’t expecting it.
    Thanks for a good read.

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