Caught by Life

A phantom cloak i wore
of misplaced feelings
and thoughts;
captivated with life,
Opened my eyes about time;
I miss none today
nothing holds that place
that’s for myself to take.


Prompted @ OSI , Sunday scribblings


15 thoughts on “Caught by Life

  1. Hi, Lady N. ~~ Very truthful. πŸ™‚
    Seems especially when we are younger we get all caught up with living OUR life and miss outt on the things with real meaning.
    That is why I enjoyed our youngest child so much more than the others. Just taking time to be with her and help her grow up.

  2. jgavinallan says:

    You sound ready for the world or any meeting in your future…really confident and strong

  3. i love the triumph over your travails and the feeling of complete self-worth in the last line. wonderful, Nimue! β™₯ i LOVE this!

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