18 thoughts on “Miss (Long for)

  1. My fine target would be three then! :)
    I like this, Lady N. It did make me wonder what I’d miss?

    To miss once is fine,
    twice or thrice too for mankind;
    more ? Its being a slave

  2. wow, strong sentiment here. Maybe my tolerance level is way high, but I hope I’ll still be part of normal mankind to miss more than thrice:)

  3. A slave? yes, and no? Short and worth thinking about Nimue!
    But I’d rather be a slave in the name of love! Missing and loving go together dear!:)

  4. prema says:

    that is how it is, my dear….and what it is! we find it so very difficult to get out of the whirlpool of emotional attachments. nice one!

  5. ladynimue this is so true it is almost scary, it has been a long time since I read a short poem Haiku or otherwise that just slaps you in the face with reality this is fabulous!

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