Story Part 2 – Dreams and wishes

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He woke up quite late but that did not bother him. After a long time, he woke up without a hangover or feeling like shit from whatever he did the previous night.

He had spent the night at her place, that was where he still was, he realized when he found himself not naked. The stink of clean room was intoxicating he muttered, while he made way to the living room which again was a jumble of colors , lamps, paintings and her touch.  He used to have dreams of making breakfast for her some day. Will she let him have the pleasure today, he wondered as he picked up his coffee from the table. He ruled the town, but this was her home – her rules were strictly adhered to – even by him.

She was spread on the couch,coffee in one hand, the morning newspaper in other.

He went and imitating her action of yesterday evening, pushed her legs off the couch and settled in there with a big grin.

“No news of you being missing from the night clubs in today’s paper” she said with a mocking shock in her voice as she handed him the newspaper and settled back, her legs back on the couch , over his legs though.

“So who is the latest disposable” he asked casually while checking his horoscope for the day, some thing she found amusing each time she saw him do that.

“You do not have to call men in my life that”
“Well, that’s what they look like. Every few months, I have to remember a new name and also hear about him”
“If you have so much trouble, maybe you should work on changing that.”
“And what do you suggest sugar?” he asked, watching her from corner of his eyes as he sipped his coffee.
“you know what I want in my guy, or lets say, you know whom I would choose for myself”
He looked at her without any expression for a min and when she frowned at his stare, he started laughing.
“I so wish that was possible” he said, getting up and then asked “Will you have breakfast if I cook?”
“Why not ? I do not get breakfast in bed any day” she said with her best smile, though it did not reach her eyes.
“wish time could stand still, if not in the sunny past, maybe today will not be a bad choice too”, she sighed and closed her eyes.
Setting the pan to heat, he saw her – the young strong-willed frame that all saw and the vulnerable , kind heart beating in there !


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Author: Pratibha (Prats)

Poet , Story teller , dreamer and an avid reader. Self published authoer of "Fragments"

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  1. Nimue:

    That last phrase…The young strong-willed frame…beating in there!
    Now, I want to read more.

  2. Waiting for the 3rd part desperately! I cant believe how far youve come in your writing skills! Its wonderful to see you grown into your potential! way to go honey!


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