Can you for once not
let me go on without
care,non stop,
We do not
need to talk
about everything
always,silence adds
to much needed mystic in life.

~ ~

Written for OSI , Sunday 160 , GHB’s May 2011 Prompt challenge [ Day 22]

28 thoughts on “Rambling

  1. jgavinallan says:


    This sounds exactly—I mean exactly—like a guy I knew


    warning—part 7 is out—so wait for 8

  2. Yes! Sometimes one can “overtalk” things until they are bled dry of any interest or meaning any more. Some time to be quiet and contemplate can be useful.

  3. I agree, sometimes silence is needed, but other times, silence can also be…deafening and hurtful. Oh, we humans are just never satisfied, are we?😉

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