Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month (via Me and My Random Thoughts)


Thanks Bikram for the post and allowing the re-blog !!

Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month Child Abuse РSigns and Symptoms Child abuse is any form of physical, emotional or sexual mistreatment or lack of care that leads to injury or harm. It commonly occurs within a relationship of trust or responsibility and is an abuse of power or a breach of trust. Abuse can happen to a child regardless of their age, gender, race or ability. Abusers can be adults (male or female) and other young people, and are usually known to and trusted by the c … Read More

via Me and My Random Thoughts

2 thoughts on “Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month (via Me and My Random Thoughts)

  1. Nimue, thank you for passing this on. I left a comprehensive letter at Bikram’s site about my experiences as an incest survivor. Told everyone to remember, it’s not usually the guy down the block, but a parent, family member, or trusted relative or teacher… and that being abused is not the end. With therapy and honesty, that veil of secret shame can be lifted. I carried my burden around like Atlas for years, and thank God that part of my life is settled. Thanks again, dear one. Amy

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