vision lost but not;

frail fingers dance the same yet

puppets in control.


Prompted @ Haiku Heights

And this reminds me of a music video in my native language. Do watch the video – The story is easy to understand from the visual :

Poetry under spotlight is by one of the lady blogger I really admire for her writing and the stuff she shares otherwise on her blog :

The Man who Loved

– Jamie Dedes


Such a lover of color he was,

always savoring, savoring the

blue of a summer sky and the

soul-soothing wild indigo, the


way a daisy with its yellow tummy

and white fringe reminded one

of centering. He loved the roses,

thorned and feral in sacred and


raunchy reds and salacious

pinks accenting the landscape,



Read the whole poem here [and don’t forget to leave your comments]


In the videos, I today found this translated poem  : I am not I


Hope you enjoyed this collection. Let me know if you want to read / watch anything in particular.

I will try best to find for you.


16 thoughts on “Puppeteer

  1. i love falguni pathak’s voice and quite a few of her songs.

    loved your haiku- exactly the opposite take but harsh truth.

  2. Thank you so much, Nimue, for the shout-out and support. Very kind of you and I am honored.

    Also much appreciate for the lovely haiku and the intro to an artist who is new to me. Bravo!

    Happy days –

  3. Oooh, this is the exact opposite of someone who wrote about marionettes yesterday. I love the idea of the puppets being in control… it relates, for me, to how people see God: Either the Divine Puppetmaster, where every step we take is pre-ordained, or Non-Gepetto God, which means you must act on free will and be responsible.

    Yeah, I know, a stretch from your haiku, but see how much it brought out? Amy

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