Mind’s words

Strange are mind’s ways
try as much, we never get a say
In mysterious manner it strays
leading words into its play.

Stranger does our words flow
a silent pact they do uphold
to spread the tales of any show
that life stages, but we ignore.

Written for One shot Wednesday

Inspired from the comments at NU’s post between him and me.

16 thoughts on “Mind’s words

  1. Appreciate the recognition you lead up to in your final lines that our words will go or take us places unexpectedly, yet we do not always recognize this, or even allow for it.

  2. Very nicely and aptly said, Nimue.. our minds work in the strangest of ways indeed!!!
    Really liked this one a lot!! My mind has gone skinny dipping in the pool.. I hope it comes back alright.. (sigh)

    • I am with you dearie .. whenever my mind comes out of the idea pool, i fear i lost more than i gained !
      But thats the real game isn it🙂

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