My first thought for the prompt was the sites i explore most often for fun , inspiration and muse. So here are 13 such places i haunt regularly (apart from all the blogs i have subscribed to) :

My youtube channel [mostly hindi songs here ]

Shadow Poetry [ for new styles of poetry ]

Wiki [ for any random thing i need info on, where else to go ]

Goodreads [books]

Scheherazade’s retweets [poetry / art]

Imgfave [images / wallpapers – check their collection page for best results]

StumbleUpon [ for fresh and popular articles]

http://xkcd.com/ [most read webcomics page]

http://www.flipkart.com/ [ the online portal i buy most of new books from]

Poets.org [ collection of some of the best poems ]

http://twitter.com/arjunbasu [ daily dose of best 140 character stories ]

http://www.tajrecipe.com/ [ The page i refer for my monthly cooking lessons – best for  indian recipes ]

http://www .4shared.com/  [ to share and search files on net ]

Have fun browsing !!

Compiled for Thursday 13



in hope i explore
all words you ever said to me
did i miss any thing ?

Submitted to March challenge (Day 9 – Exploration) and Sensational Haiku Wednesday .

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