I fear

I have lost count now
of lines that saw light
and many more discarded
for i did not have time.

I still fear the day,
no lines will i have to say.

I have lost track now
of ideas that clicked
and many more forgotten
without even trying a bit.

I am scared of the time
when no ideas will come alive.

I have lost count now
of hours i spent to obsess
I have lost track now
of emotions spent in the process.

I still fear,I am still scared,
the moment i start
to draw a blank for always.

Written for One Shot Wednesday

15 thoughts on “I fear

  1. Is there anything worse than that moment in the spotlight, when all eyes are on us and we realize, quite suddenly, that there is no thought, no word to part our lips and save us from their stares? To save us from ourselves? The loss of ideas, of thoughts, it is a terrifying thing – that is why writers so dread the writer’s block. A blank page can be more foreboding than anything out there.

  2. I think it happened to me today. But I do not fear for you because your imagination is like a peacock’s tail in full fan – full of detail and color you share so beautifully with us. Thank you as always for sharing with us. Gay

  3. That would never happen girl- mark my words
    very nicely portrayed how it scares us often- trust it checks in on me- unwarned!

    Sending you more Love, stay safe xoxox

  4. Oh no!!! I too fear such dark stuff, Nimue… but I also like to believe that the brighter side of me overcomes the darker side🙂
    You have perfectly expressed that fear here, my dear…

    I hope such a blank day/time NEVER find its way in our lives…

    Love and Best wishes!!

  5. Yes a fear so well entrenched in each one of us.. of finishing all our emotions on the last words that one has penned…
    I loved your lines..
    ‘I have lost track now
    of emotions spent in the process.’
    Perfect… I enjoyed it very much..
    I remember some one’s saying.. ‘Imagination is wild thing, it dries up’ and that fear haunts me forever too..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter @VerseEveryDay

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