My Heavens

spicy aromas,talks
memories bouncing on steps
door to home;heaven

knock on your soul daily
invoke a conversation
temple of your joy

unlock the memories
dust the sad ones out of door
sanctum in my heart


Written for Haiku challenge – 28 days 28 haiku , Poetry Potluck

24 thoughts on “My Heavens

  1. “knock on your soul daily, invoke a conversation”… “unlock the memories, dust the sad ones out the door….”,
    1.keep the doors of communication open 2.get rid of the memories that hold you back, your heart again. 4.beautiful poem without my interpretation.

  2. These were wonderful haikus! I don’t really write haikus (not very good at them) but I like what you’ve done here. The first one, makes me think – the power of smell is a really strong trigger. I’m glad it evoked good memories for you!๐Ÿ™‚

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