Stone and wood – 2

The stones were hurt
when taken apart
resentment ran high
when wood joined.
Wood wasn’t happy
to be placed like this
for all it thought
no purpose was seen.
Then the couple came
and sat in the door
looking at the fields
they talked on and on.
The wood heard them
and so did the stones
both happy at the
sight of comfort.
the stones did not fall
nor the wood chipped
but waited in unison
for other lovely beings.
Submitted to One Shot Wednesday
Image from One Shoot Sunday

18 thoughts on “Stone and wood – 2

  1. Giving personality to the wood and the stone – pain and anguish, replaced in curiosity and joy at people’s presence. Of new life, springing up about them; and wait for more. Lovely.

  2. That window took us all to so many different places. I’ve read most of them now; but as I’m away haven’t been able to comment on many. This is very fine. You give a history to the scene and imply a story where I looked at loss, you only saw a place “in waiting”. You can read mine here: It’s the second one now as I have a Tanka up too.
    Really like this. It is perfect. Gay @beachanny

  3. It’s so nice to see love around… and feel loved…
    You expressed this so vividly and beautifully in your poem here, Nimu..
    Thanks for sharing this lovely positive piece at One Shot..

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