Wood and Stone


The wood did grumble first
being next to hurting stones
till love took over

Till love took over
for comfort of the lovers back
the stones too did grumble


Prompted by One Shoot Sunday ,

Submitted to Haiku Challenge – 28 days 28 haiku

23 thoughts on “Wood and Stone

  1. Your personifications brought a smile to my face. Grumbling wood and stones that hurt—definitely a prescription for needed love (perhaps even pharmaceutical. lol …through the flexibility of the short lines that is). Very well done, Nimue

  2. signed .............bkm says:

    for comfort of a lovers back—leads me thinking of a hot stone massage…very nice…bkm

  3. What a lovely haiku, Nimue!! I love the 2nd one, where the stones grumble on being the back rest for these lovers…. what lovely imagery!!!

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