You & Me

You & Me : what's not

You to me;
I to you
like priority.
You seek me
I seek you
than the need.
You want me
I want you
two poles of
magnetic feild.
You understand me
I understand you
like two people
so lonely.
You pamper me
I pamper you
dreamy shadows
of reality.
You wish for me
I wish for you
some one else to
care and forever be.
You know of me
I know of you
time will bring
in distances.
I will though
remember You
the way You will
want Me to,
in memories.


Prompted @ One shoot Photography Sunday

Also Submitted to One Shot wednesday

19 thoughts on “You & Me

  1. meethimirchi says:

    time pours always over , a cascade of memories… And with the time we all shall move … very well composed🙂

  2. moondustwriter says:

    I wrote three different poems for that picture and wasnt happy
    now I know why – you caught that spirit in the picture and conveyed it in beautiful words I feel the longing and ache it isnt just gooey romance

  3. dustus says:

    Really cool how the lines seem to be almost mirror images like the standing face-to-face in the photo. I like the lines iBeingMe quotes above. Fine poem with great caring sentiments.

  4. In certain relationships, this is the best way to proceed.. I like this poem a lot, Nimue.. I think I can even relate to this one… (sigh)
    A superb one shot!! Loved the form too… very cool and steady…

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