Dreams meet reality

I build a dream for me
pulling bits from reality
and patched the real
with threads of my thoughts.

It wasn’t easy to do
but it was so much fun,
that i forgot to create a corner
to hide in,if time comes.

Soon my arms ached
holding the dream intact,
my senses deserted me
as real life started to press.

I was willing to pay
any price i would be asked,
to keep my lovely dreams,
out of reality’s cruel clasp.

The payment now is to forget
where dreams and reality ends,
and trust your sane thoughts
to sustain this explosive blend.


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16 thoughts on “Dreams meet reality

  1. I liked the imagery and surreal feeling of the poem…dreams do come with a price…the lines:

    “The payment now is to forget
    where dreams and reality ends,
    and trust your sane thoughts
    to sustain this explosive blend”

    Are very thought provoking. This is a beautifully written poem.

  2. I love this poem of how we can get so caught up in living in a dream world–many times to our detriment. Reality does try its best to reel us back.

    Wonderful imagery and perceptions captured. I really enjoyed it.

  3. How I know things and am wanting, I am wanting to become so big that I don’t hide.. I don’t wish to anymore- have already stayed hidden..
    Then again- I know the balancing is a little tricky.. That’s precisely why I wish to rise- above all..🙂

    Very well expressed.. I could read so many wishes n desires in this sweet little composition.. Very well done..

    Hugs xx

  4. Ooohh wowww!! I am a dreamer…and this poem REALLY appealed to me, Nimue…
    I have always wondered why isn’t it possible to live in one’s dreams!? I mean, why does reality have to butt all the time!!!🙂 But then again, reality doesn’t suck all the time.. so, it’s okay I guess.. heheh

    I hope you blend your dreams well with reality, my dear friend..
    And may this new year make your reality as pleasant as your dreams!!🙂

  5. Oooh… love this. Reality often bites when we least expect it. But dreams can carry us through the tough times, so I will continue to always be the dreamer.

  6. Loved this poem a lot..I love to dream.. and try to turn my reality too in to dreams by finding only the good around.. yes, holding on to a dream sometimes becomes difficult.. therefore I have tried not to be obsessed with any dream.. keep on creating new ones.. I am happy to read review of your blog by Leo.. keep writing.. I invite you to visit my page ..

    I wrote a poem on Dreams: here’s the link


    Would love your feedback.. shall return soon.

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