Just my Imagination

Where were you last night ?I  tried to reach you ..
I forgot my cell.
Where did you go ?
I went to a party with a lady friend.
you were with her all night ?
Yes.It was fun.
You said Its cool. Right ?
Umm.. NO!
Ha ! Knew that.Was testing you.
So the lady..
Just my Imagination. 😉

Inspired by one of my fav track “Just my Imagination” which also was the first thing i was reminded of from letter J.

Submitted to Friday flash55 & Z to A challenge – J

Author: Prats

It's not the dramas or the stories, but actually the people touched by them who taught me how to appreciate these stories, the different medium of expressions, and how to believe that even fictional characters can give hope and smile to so many people around the world. A reader first and obsessive reviewer of things I love, I write when I am deeply touched by a story or a moment. You can find most of my ideas and thoughts first expressed on Twitter - @i_read_write

26 thoughts on “Just my Imagination”

  1. have often thought of putting up a few conversations between me n her 🙂 u have given me an idea for one. and it won’t be all imagination 🙂

  2. Thats Right…Quid Pro Quo.
    That puts an end to that crap!
    Loved your 55 My Friend.
    You Rock The Planet!!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End…G

  3. hahahah… this was uber creative and awesome, Nimue!! I was just wondering how I would react were such a conversation to occur between my spouse and me.. grrrrr
    But if the roles were reversed, I probably would have given the same answers too (except the ‘lady friend’ bit)!! 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend!!

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