Nothing like memories
shared with friends of old times
to make you feel young

what your youth creates
the old age sits and laughs about
a mystic of this life


(Loose)Haiku#1 Written for Z to A challenge

Haiku#2 Prompted @ Haiku Heights

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9 thoughts on “Young

  1. Cassiopeia Rises says:

    Oh, such beautiful words and images. Remembering old loves and friends is a very special thing. Loved this.


  2. Hi. This is so true as I found out recently when I joined facebook and made contact with childhood friends I lost touch with more than thirty years ago. Shared memories have definitely ripped away the veil of old age. Is it just me that has a problem with the syllables in the haiku (6-6-5)? Maybe I’m out of touch with other styles of haiku. If so, I apologise.

  3. so very true, my inner old age is presently cracking up! you termed this a “loose” Haiku I ma curious as to why I thought it was awesome!

  4. Awww…. amazing Haikus!!! Youth is to be cherished indeed… throughout one’s life!🙂 And what a beautiful image to accompany the lovely words!!

  5. Hi. Thanks for the email. For my own education I’ve been investigating ‘English’ haiku and find that it is acceptable to have 3 lines with approximately 17 syllables, irrespective of how they are divided between the three lines. Something to do with Japanese haiku being made up of 17 ‘sounds’ as opposed to 17 syllables…. Both your haiku are lovely ‘loose’ haiku as you appropriately call them.

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